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Johannesburg, 23 May 2024 โ€“ Avatar, a leading full-service marketing agency, is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded the Robertsons Spices account as its strategic and creative lead agency. This significant partnership marks a new chapter in the collaboration between two powerhouses committed to innovation, creativity, and excellence in the culinary and marketing industries.

Veli Ngubane, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Avatar, expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership. “Our growth within Unilever showcases our innovative work as a digital agency for brands like Aromat and Knorroxx over the past five years, and more recently, for a Rajah project. Being part of the M+N fold has allowed us to integrate our specialist agencies, ensuring cultural relevance in our campaigns. This achievement is a significant milestone in our mission to share African creativity with the world.โ€

The partnership between Robertsons Spices and Avatar is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the spice and seasoning market. By combining Robertsons’ heritage of quality and authenticity with Avatar’s expertise, the collaboration aims to create a powerful synergy that will captivate consumers and strengthen the brand’s market position.

Comments Nicole Harris, Senior Marketing Manager at Robertsons Spices: “We look forward to partnering with Avatar to elevate the portfolio through their creativity, insight-driven marketing, and keen understanding of consumer trends. This move aligns perfectly with our business goal to enhance our brand’s market presence and engagement.โ€


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