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Intergrated Advertising

The Challenge

COVID-19 is the greatest challenge of our generation. The World Health Organisation first reported the global pandemic on 31 December 2019. To date, the disease continues to spread across the globe. Working from home become a new reality for many South Africans. Lounges, kitchens and bedrooms turned into offices. BCX wanted to remind their customers that at the heart of their organisation lived the spirit of innovation even in the hardest of times.

The Solution

Using stories from inventors of the past and curators of the future, we conveyed a meaningful message about how being in lockdown can allow our brains the freedom to be creative. Like Shakespeare, who was supposed to have been at his most productive during the regular plagues that hit London in the early 1600’s, and Sir Isaac Newton, who was on an enforced break from Cambridge, but still managed to develop his theory of gravity. The campaign ran on radio and social channels and the content was shared across the country.

At the end one thing was certain, that in times of uncertainty we could all do great things when we put our minds to it.

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