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Intergrated Advertising

Campaign Objectives

  • Develop a social media campaign that drives increased brand awareness and brand affinity for the Aromat brand.
  • Re-ignite Aromat as the ‘go-to’ to shake-up in any meal.
  • Create Brand Awareness on a larger scale for Aromat.
  • Bringing joy to our Aro-fans and making staying at home during lockdown even tastier.

Campaign Concept

The New Normal – Our idea takes into consideration the current COVID-19 reality and the expectation that social distancing will be extended. As a result, digital technology would be the ideal tool to bring people together.

Desired Campaign Public Sentiment

Aromat decided to give back to their loyal customers during times of COVID-19, by making staying at home tastier.

150 000 +


9.1 Million +

People reached


Increase in positive brand sentiment