The ACF + R&Y Activation at The Nedbank IMC ‘23

When delegates convene at The Nedbank IMC Conference 2023, on 15 September, they’ll discover that the beautifully branded Avatar coffee stands are more than just coffee dispensers – they are the embodiment of growth in a cup.

Avatar Creative Foundry partnered with the esteemed Red & Yellow Creative School of Business; we entrusted their students with a unique challenge: to design coffee cup sleeves that encapsulated the essence of Liberating African Creativity for The World.

After meticulous selection, six designs emerged victorious, gracing the IMC delegates’ coffee cups.

Competition / Voting Mechanics:

  1. Explore all six coffee sleeve designs
  2. Watch a brief clip featuring the student creator
  3. Cast your vote by clicking on your favourite design

NB! You only get one vote, so make sure you’re voting for the design that you like most by clicking on your favourite design.

Meet the Finalists

Alexandra Scott

Alexandra Scott’s design

Dayna Powell

Dayna Powell’s design

Hanaa Gierdien

Hanaa Gierdien’s design

Najma Ismail

Najma Ismail’s design

Natalie Ray

Natalie Ray’s design

Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray’s design

Vote for your favourite

What the winning designer receives:

  • A generous R40,000 Bursary-Boost from Avatar.
  • The winning design will be reproduced on a t-shirt and available for sale at Edgars Stores nationwide.
  • The victorious student will secure an internship opportunity with the Avatar Group, potentially leading to full-time employment.

What is ACF

Avatar Creative Foundry (ACF) is not just another program; it is a promise to young creatives who dream of making their mark in the world. Whether you’re an artist, musician, filmmaker, designer, or marketing enthusiast, ACF offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore, learn, and ultimately transform your creative passion into a flourishing career.

With Avatar Creative Foundry, we aim to provide opportunities, support, and commercialisation avenues for emerging talents, contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of the creative industry.